The Franklin Flood of 2010

The flood zones of Franklin

The flood zones of Franklin, TN are a major concern to both residents and city officials. While the incident is commonly referred to as the one hundred year flood, it struck in 2010 and caused all kinds of problems. During that time many of the city’s businesses and homes were destroyed. Because of the incident officials and citizens alike have begun to map out flood zones to help plan ahead during the city’s recovery phase.

Looking Back at the Floods of Franklin Tn

Looking Back at the Floods of Franklin Tn

Between May 1st and 2nd of 2010 Tennessee experienced massive amounts of rainfall. The storm broke numerous weather records and caused rivers to rise to heights that had never been seen before. In Nashville the Cumberland River ended up peaking at eight feet above the flood level. In Franklin The Harpeth River peaked at five feet above flood level. This lead to immense quantities of water spilling over into the streets and homes of residents. The event caused many of the towns local businesses and homes to be completely destroyed and damaged a large number of other venues. Eventually a collaborative effort between FEMA and local citizens was able to salvage much of the area. The damaged and destroyed homes were then assessed as the city began its restoration process.

After the event, many people began to study where the flood had struck and were able to map out its zone. This flood plan was created by government experts and shows both the probability of a flood striking again, and where it would most likely affect. According to the document Franklin stands at a one percent risk of flooding on a yearly basis and has a twenty-six percent chance of flooding within the next thirty years. The plan also provides special regulations for citizens and business owners who are within the flood zone. Thes ensure that they can remain safe from harm and are well prepared for when the disaster strikes again.

In addition to preparing themselves for any future disasters, the residents of Franklin have also worked furiously to rebuild their community and restore the city to its full grandeur. Since the summer of 200 FEMA and local citizens have been working together to rebuild. While the area has faced many challenges due to the floods, such as water damage and mold, workers have been able to combat these problems and reconstruct the area. While the work has been challenging, residents have rebuilt their city.

The flood of Franklin Tennessee was a major disaster. With weather so extreme that it had never been seen before and massive amounts of water rushing into the area, the city was faced with a real emergency. Fortunately, officials have since been able to map out the area’s flood zones and begin countermeasures that will keep people safe from future floods. They have also worked hard to rebuild the town and restore it to its previous status.

Franklin is Strong, will bend but never break!